Survey Design Workshop in Seattle

Fred Van Bennekom, the Principal and head honcho at Great Brook Consulting is conducting one of his Survey Deisgn Workshops this fall in Seattle. Fred puts together the Survey Design Workshops for users to get educated about surveying and pitfalls and issues to consider — (Yes this is a shameless plug for Fred!)
As many of you know, we are also located here in the Pacific Northwest – Seattle. We were planning on a dinner get-together and I got thinking I’d put together this blog and invite any QP users to join us – Kind of make this into a QP user event dinner. Our current plan is to meet up for dinner someplace in downtown Seattle on Saturday October 14th. So if you are in the Seattle area and dont mind joining QuestionPro and Fred for a casual dinner (we’re buying) just post a comment to this blog.
PS: If you decide to enroll in one of Fred’s workshops, let him know that you are a current QP customer. You’ll get a discount!