Market research is a valuable tool, and one that the smartest companies invest in. Companies like Lego, McDonald’s and Apple have been utilizing market research (MR) for years, and dominate their respective markets. But MR is not just for big companies with even bigger budgets; with today’s technology, every company has the ability to conduct research.

A year ago, we published a series of best practice for questionnaire development. This year, we would like to highlight some common mistakes that research practitioners should avoid, to ensure their data collection effort is not wasted. We are calling them The Seven Deadly Sins Of Questionnaire Design. The Seven Deadly Sins emerged from an ecclesiastic era, and since then have evolved as broader ethic markers for those who prefer disinfected consciences.

Ok, I couldn’t help myself here. I’m playing off the title of a great satirical book by Al Franken, a comedian who later became the Democratic Senator for the State of Minnesota. According to the experts, and Franken would agree, we’re all a bunch of liars. If you don’t believe me, google it. The only item in dispute is the number of times per day we lie….

A bad dream for those crafting online survey questionnaires might go as follows…
Panel members take an online survey critiquing a previous online survey in which they participated, and one that you wrote. The results are overwhelmingly negative. The panel members hated the experience and admit they offered slapdash information that, as an effect, will actually hinder your research more than help.   

One common dilemma we often hear from researchers is that they are investing a great deal of time, resources, and effort to develop a high quality survey, but their survey response rates are declining, as is their online data quality—leaving them unsatisfied with the outcomes of their research. After all, the research is meaningless if the survey results are inadequate….

One of the busiest travel times of the year has just passed. Millions of families across the country traveled during the holidays to be reunited with their loved ones. With more than 100 million Americans having traveled this holiday season, many of you are still recovering. In order to best accommodate travelers, airlines offer several additional services where travelers can upgrade their seats, access airline exclusive lounges, and purchase in-flight food and entertainment….