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Sample Templates for Client Surveys

Client surveys fall into a number of categories and we’ve got them all! Some of the popular survey templates focus on voice of the customer, product surveys, service evaluations and customer satisfaction templates; there are more general marketing-related surveys such as focus group, conference attendee feedback; and we have an extensive list of service-related survey templates for hotels, restaurants, retail, health care, B2B or travel.

We will feature a few of the surveys here, and you can always go directly to our template library and browse the many categories if you didn’t quite what you are looking for here.
Note: any of these sample client surveys can be customized and sent for free in minutes! Just open a QuestionPro account to begin.

Customer Satisfaction-Related Client Surveys

If you’re looking for a short survey with direct questions regarding product feedback, this short Customer Satisfaction survey features 6 ‘select one’ multiple choice questions, and one final open ended recommendation question. Survey: Customer Satisfaction (Short)

If you believe your clients will have a higher tolerance for additional questions, this in-depth, 16-question survey features a mix of multiple choice, open-ended text, and matrix tables.
Survey: Product / Service Satisfaction

Marketing-Related Client Surveys & More

Sometimes our existing clients are not only great advocates for us but also the best resource when it comes to design or testing new products. If you are looking for feedback on a new concept, this 18-question survey has a mix of questions designed to make sure you’re on track with the new concept.
Survey: Marketing Concept Test

Services-Related Surveys

Here’s a survey in our Health Care category, on the topic of medical examination services. This would be a great survey to run on a kiosk or using our mobile offline survey for iPad app,to have in the waiting room. We all know there’s plenty of time to take a survey while waiting for an appointment!
Survey: Medical Examination Services

Supplier Service Evaluation (B2B Supplier Survey Template)

Client surveys are not only for companies that sell to consumers! Business-to-business customer satisfaction is just as important because at the other end of that transaction there is a consumer! They just happen to be at work at the time. This survey is designed to gather feedback from someone you supply products or services to. Survey: Supplier Service Evaluation

These are just a few of the sample client surveys we offer!

We’ve only scratched the surface here by highlighting only a handful of the available surveys, ready for you to either use to get ideas or to customize and send for free!

Click here for the complete list of sample client surveys and much more!

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