RapidFeedback - QR Code Driven Feedback

What is RapidFeedback?

RapidFeedback can replace the need for feedback cards or survey links posted on receipts. Post the RapidFeedback codes on posters, billboards, receipts, print ads, brochures, and anywhere else you want to receive instant feedback from your customers.

What are the benefits of RapidFeedback?

  • Customers do not need to download an App to give you instant feedback
  • Customers no longer need to get to a computer to take a survey from a link they saw on a poster or receipt. RapidFeedback will allow customers to use their smartphones to scan and provide instant in the moment feedback.
  • You can choose from three resolutions..

How do I set up a RapidFeedback Survey?

Go to:

Login >> Survey >> Data Management >> Rapid Feeback >> Global RapidFeedback Code

Survey Software Help Image

Where can I post my RapidFeedback surveys?

RapidFeedback codes can be posted anywhere people can use their smartphone to scan and provide instant feedback.

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