Custom Variable Mapping

How to set custom variable mapping?

To add variable mapping for your survey go to

  • Login » Surveys » Edit » Variables
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  • 1. Click on the Add Variable Mapping button on the right side.
  • 2. From the Custom variables column select the Custom variables from the drop down.
  • 3. Enter the display name in the corresponding Display Column.
  • 4. Enter the Code for the custom variable and click the Save button.
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    Spaces are not allowed for the Code but the display name can have spaces.The Code is used to refer to the custom variable on the Survey, Email Invitation, Thank You page or on Email Notifications. The display name will appear as column header in response viewer and in raw data.

How to use custom variables in the survey?

The custom variables can be used in Questions/Answer Options of the Survey.To set the custom variables in the survey just follow the below mentioned steps:

Login >> Surveys >> (Select Survey) >> Edit Survey
  • 1. Click on the Question/Answer text.
  • 2. Add this tag ${Code} where you want the actual text to appear.The Code is the name given by you to the custom variable at the time of creation.

    Example: Department custom variable's Code is "dpt" So to refer to this custom variable we are going to use the tag like this ${dpt}

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How to pass custom variables in a survey URL?

The values of the custom variables can be passed into a survey by appending custom variables values in the survey link.

To append custom variable to a survey link:

  • 1. Copy the survey link and paste it into notepad.
  • 2. Add a question mark (?) to the end of the link, now type Code for the custom variable = Actual value (it is the value that you want to pass for that custom variable).
  • Example:

  • 3. If you want to pass the value for multiple custom variables then, we have to separate each variable data pair with an ampersand & ().
  • Example:

You can also view these values in the Response viewer and in the downloaded report.

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License amp; Access Options

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