Community-Link Question

What is Community-Link Question?

Community link question is used to link the answer values from the survey to any community. These answer values used in the survey are merged with the ‘profile fields’ in the community.

Following questions are supported to link to a community :

  • Multi-Choice : Select one, select many, drop-down.
  • Text : Comment box, single row text, numeric input, contact information.
  • Image chooser : Select one, select many.
  • Misc : Date and time, calendar.
  • Mobile : QR code-Like/Dislike.

How to link a question to community?

  • Add any one of the above questions, you should see the ‘Community’ tab while you are editing the question.
  • Click on community tab, select the community to which you want to link to and under 2nd drop down select the profile question.
  • Survey Software Help Image
    Survey Software Help Image
  • Save the question.
To add profile fields in community.Click here

How does this work?

Once you link a question, the answer values get merged with the profile field which you selected.


You have a few profile fields created in your community. Now, you want to populate these fields by sending the members the survey. So,

  • Step 1: Create fields in community.
  • Step 2: Create a survey with exact same fields.
  • Step 3: Link them.
In that way when the survey is answered the values will get populated in community profile fields as well.

Note : The question types on both the places need to be same for it to merge properly.
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