Automatic question numbering

How can I apply question numbering to all the questions in a survey?

Go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  • Click on Survey Options
  • Survey Software Help Image

  • Click on Interface
  • Turn On the Display Question Numbers option
  • Click on Save Changes
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At a later stage, you can uncheck this box to disable the auto-question numbering.

For a matrix question type, you can also enable sub-section numbering, which numbers each of the sub-questions in the matrix.

  • Click on the Display settings icon for the matrix question
  • Enable the option for Automatic Sub-Section Numbering.
  • Click Save Question.

When Automatic Question numbering is enabled, by default, all questions are numbered. However, some questions (Presentation Text, Comments, Headers, etc.) should not be numbered. For such questions you can disable Question Numbering.

To disable automatic question numbering for questions, do the following.

  • Click on Edit option for the question for which you wish to remove the auto numbering. Click on Settings.
  • Enable the option forSkip Automatic Numbering.
  • Click Save.
  • The question will now remove the automatic numbering.
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How can I re-align the question numbers to line up with the text of the question instead of the question instructions?

Click on Display options icon for the question which you wish to adjust number alignment In the drop-down for Alignment, select Question Text.

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