Community - Reminders for community invitations

Where can I setup Reminders for Community Invitations?

In Project History one can view the entire history as well as set reminder template.

How can I setup Reminders for Community Invitations?

Go to:

  • Login »  Communities »  (Select Community) »  Send »  Invitations »  History
Survey Software Help Image
You can add/edit the email template here.
  • Click the Reminder button.
  • Enter in the Subject and the Message.
  • You may include / replace variables
  • Enter in the Delivery Time at which you wish to send the Reminder.
    • Immediate: Select this option to send the reminder immediately.
    • Schedule Delivery: Select this option to schedule the delivery on a particular Date and Time
    • Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on Send Reminder Button to send the email
Reminder emails will be automatically sent to those people who have not taken the survey yet, after the time which we set.

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