Social Network connectivity/Integration Id

Why to generate Google/Gmail integration ID for communities?

If the google connect ID is not generated and saved under Social Media Connect Keys/IDs then suer will not be able to sign up or login using his/her google/gmail account

How to generate google/Gmail integration ID/Key?

Please follow the below steps :

  1. Please login into

    After login start creating Google/Gmail integration ID for panel, need to click "Create Project" as shown below and enter all details:

    Survey Software Help Image

  2. Once you created project click on APIs Manager >> Google + API as shown below
  3. Survey Software Help Image

  4. Click on Enable
  5. Survey Software Help Image

  6. Click on Credentials >> OAuth consent screen and fill out all necessary details and click on Save
  7. Survey Software Help Image

  8. Click on Create credentials >> OAuth client ID fill out all necessary details and this will create a client id
  9. Survey Software Help Image

  10. Once Client id is created, copy CLIENT ID as shown in below image.The key highlighted here need to be saved under Panel Advance Setting -> Social Media Connect Keys/Ids

    Survey Software Help Image

Where to use CLIENT ID?

The key highlighted above need to be saved under Community -> Social Media Connect Keys/ IDs and Social Network Integration sub header as below :

Survey Software Help Image

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