QuestionPro Offline App offline App FAQs

QuestionPro Offline App offline App FAQs

How do I install the App?

To install QuestionPro Offline App app, please visit Playstore and AppStore.

What is device key and where do I get it from?

The device key is a unique key which is used to sync the surveys in specific folder from your QuestionPro account into QuestionPro Offline App offline surveys app.

You can get device key from your QuestionPro account.

Surveys >> Devices

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What does Synchronize mean?

Synchronization is a process which uploads the responses for survey(s) from QuestionPro Offline App App into your QuestionPro account. It also updates the survey(s) in the app if there are any changes in it.

Where do I check my current app version?

The current app version is available right below the QuestionPro logo on side menu and also on about us page.

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How can I update the App?

The app can be set to auto-update or can be updated manually from the Playstore/AppStore settings.

How do I enable kiosk mode?

To enable the Kiosk mode, in your QuestionPro account, visit Mobile >> Device Registration >> Click on Device Name >> scroll down till you see Kiosk Mode >> Enable Kiosk mode >> Provide a pin and a Kiosk timer.

Then after you synchronize the app, you will see a lock button on top right corner on Surveys screen. Click on that button to enable/disable kiosk mode.

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Can I continue with incomplete surveys?

Yes, it is possible to continue with Incomplete surveys. Please enable Administrative tools from app settings. It will enable Responses tab in side menu. Please select the Responses tab to show the complete as well as incomplete survey responses. Select any incomplete survey. Scroll to bottom to see “Complete the Survey” link. Clicking on this link will open the survey from where it is left incomplete. You can continue and complete the survey from thereon.

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Why am I getting a device key suspended message?

You are getting this message because the key which you are using has been temporarily suspended. Please contact support at Customer Support

I am getting an error message "Invalid device key [Device Key]" what do I do?

You will be getting this message when the device key which has been entered is not a valid one. Please check your device key.

How to change language?

You can change the application language from Settings >> Preferred language and then click on Update Settings.

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How to export data for manual upload?

Using QuestionPro Offline App -Offline app, you can do an export data from Settings >> Export Database >> Export data for Manual Upload. It will open an email client with export content attached.

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I made few changes in the survey but it is not reflecting in the app. Why?

The changes will get reflected only after you synchronize the app by clicking on Sync button.

I get the message "Device key is already being used on another device, please contact the survey administrator".

We only support one device-key per device. The same device key cannot be used on any other device. Once you receive this message, please contact your Account Manger or Support Team at Customer Support

Can we edit/ print the responses?

Yes, you can edit/print responses from within the app by following the steps mentioned below.

To enable Edit Response, go to settings >> Review Responses >> Edit Responses.

To enable Print Response, go to settings >> Review Responses >> Print Responses

By using these settings, you can edit/print responses after you hit the finish/done button on the last page in the survey.

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I want to uninstall my app.

Before uninstalling your app, please sync all the data you have collected. In case of any queries, please contact Customer Support and they will guide you on how to uninstall the app without losing the data.

To upload responses or synchronize the app, ensure that you have a good internet connectivity.
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