Grouping Analysis with Looping

I have used looping in my Survey. How to view the Reports for each loop separately?

You can set up Groups for each loop and run the Reports for each loop separately.

How to set up Groups?

To set up Grouping go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Reports »  Advanced Analysis »  Data segmentation
  • Click on New Data Filter
  • Select the Question for which you have set up looping.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Select the operator and the Answer(Loop) option for the Group. Select the Individual Loop Segmentation check box.
  • Save the filter to the Group, this will set up the Group.
    Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on the Report Options link to view the Reports.

When I run the Report I see that some questions have no data. All fields show 0?

The Report will show the Analysis only for the Loop. Questions that are within the loop will have data and the analysis will be displayed. For questions out side the loop the Analysis will show 0.

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