QuestionPro Email Delivered Reports

You can now deliver Real-Time Summary Reports directly to your inbox with a simple one-click solution. You can also setup a schedule for recurring delivery of the report to your inbox.
Advantages of Email Delivered Reports
On Demand Delivery
The Real-Time Summary Report is instantly delivered to your inbox.
Off-Line Access
Once the report is delivered to your inbox, you can then view it off-line. This is especially useful in meetings/presentations where internet access may not be available.
Light-Weight (Compressed)
Excel or Customized Reports tend to be a bit heavier in size. This is because these reports provide detailed analysis of the data. Email Delivered Summary Reports are light-weight and can be viewed within the email body itself.
Automate Delivery
With Corporate Multi-User Account, you can choose the users that the report gets delivered to. If you do not have a multi-user account, you can deliver the report to yourself. Please see Report Scheduler for more information about Automating Reports Delivery.
In-Line Submission
The feedback form is submitted in-line. The user is not redirected to another page. The content remains as is.

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