Driver Analysis- Workforce

It’s important to identify and understand the drivers of key business outcomes, such as customer satisfaction or loyalty, in order to improve processes and maximise performance and profitability.

For example: If you wish to understand “How satisfied your employees are with their jobs?”, you would need a key factor and all the related metrics in order to find the analysis for this specific aspect.

Hence the key driver analysis feature can be used to address such sort of questions. That will help you find the agreemental, neutral and the disagreement percentage related to that selected question.

For adding Driver Analysis, please go to Adhoc Study >> Analytics >> Driver Analysis >> click on “+” icon >> select the default question.

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The analysis would appear like this:

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Once the default question is selected, following are the parameters that get’s included in the analysis:

  • All the related questions are added as the metric.
  • From which exact section we are having that specific metrics question will be shown under the “Section” part.
  • Agreement percentage.
  • Scale with agreed, neutral and disagreed percentage represented in green, grey and red color that represents the correlation of the coefficient for that specific metrics.
  • Dots representing the correlation of coefficient for each metric question related to the selected default question.
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The correlation coefficient values are in the following way:

  • 0 to 0.33 : Marked in Red
  • 0.34 to 0.66 : Marked in Grey
  • 0.67 to 1 : Marked in Green

For deleting the driver analysis, click on the icon at the top right of that driver analysis and delete.

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For checking the agreement percentage based on specific criteria we can also apply filters on it.

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Note: This feature is available only for the Workforce Adhoc study.

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