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QuestionPro InfoGraphics or information graphics are graphical visual representations of your survey data. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly. InfoGraphic survey report can typically be used when there are close-ended/select type questions in your online survey. The InfoGraphics survey report is a data visualization tool which represents the data within dashboard that can be used by managers or customers.

How can you customize your InfoGraphic report?

Once you have created your Infographic report and would like to customize it, go to:

  • Click on Reports >> Dashboard >> InfoGraphic >> Customize
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  • A new window will open up with following options:
    • Chart Title: Enter the title for the customized InfoGraphic.
    • Chart Subtitle: Add the subtitle for the customized InfoGraphic.
    • Logo:You can upload your logo. The logo should be 280 px X 50 px. If either width or height exceeds, the logo will be resized to fit.
    • Select Questions: Select questions that you want to display on the InfoGraphic.
    • StartDate and EndDate: Include the Start Date and End Date for the time span you want to generate report.
    • Response Grouping: How often do you want the report to be generated, i.e Daily, Weekly or Monthly
    • Show Device Data: Decide whether or not you want to show the device data which displays how respondents accessed your survey.
    • Filter Result: Select the Filter Result, which is the type of filter to apply to the results (completed, started but not completed, terminated via branching).
  • Click on Generate
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This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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