CX - Targeting Rules

Targeting rules are conditions for displaying an intercept to a website visitor.

How to add targeting rules and what are the different types of targeting rules?

To add targeting rules, go to: Login >> CX >> select the Intercept where you wish to add the targeting rules >> Intercept >> Targeting rules

The different targeting rules are:

  • Viewed Pages : Displays the intercept to website visitors who have viewed a particular page or a sub page. Below are the conditions you can add to make sure the intercept is shown only to the selected visitors who meet the criteria in their URLs:
    • Equal to
    • Starts with
    • Ends with
    • Contains
    • Doesn't equal to
    • Doesn't start with
    • Doesn't end with
    • Doesn't contain
  • Time on site: Displays the intercept to website visitors who have been browsing the site/page for a particular amount of time or more
  • Devices: Displays the intercept to the visitors accessing your website from the chosen devices only.(Mobile/Tablet/Desktop)
  • New / Returning Visitors: Displays the intercept to either new visitors only or to visitors who have never visited the site before.
  • Skip Count: Intercept will open after particular number of visits.
  • Cookies: Cookies will expire after entered number of days.
  • Exclude IP's: Add the IP addresses range you wish to exclude if any.
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Can multiple targeting rules be used together

Yes, you may add multiple targeting rules.

How many targeting rules can be made per intercept?

Currently only one set of targeting rules with one of each except viewed can be set up per intercept.

How often will a visitor see the intercept on exit intercepts

A visitor will see the intercept only once. This is tracked by storing cookies in a visitors browser. The cookies can be set to expire from the targeting rules page