CX Integration

With QuestionPro CX (Customer Experience), you can import and export your transactional data through various the methods: API, FTP, Excel, Manual, and Google Sheets Integration.

Import Transactions and Send Survey API

The purpose of this API call is to send over the transaction information from the client’s system to QuestionPro system. QuestionPro system receiving the transaction information will respectively send surveys via SMS and/or Email to your respondents.

For more API details, click here.

FTP Sync

FTP Sync is another way to automate the transactions import and report export process. You will need FTP Connection Details, such as the Host and Location. You can schedule your import and export files through our scheduler. Once that is set up, the CX system will read the excel files and automate the survey invites to your imported transactions (only if you select to do so).

FTP also allows you to receive exported Raw Data files at your FTP location periodically.

For the rest of the details, click here.

Excel Import

To send surveys, you have the option to import Excel files into the CX system using an Excel template.

For more details, click here.

Manual Import

If you have fewer transactions, you have the option to opt for manual importing. This is within the system and does not require any template downloads.

To view the help file, click here.

Google Sheets Integration

With this Google Sheets integration, there is log-in requirement to download Raw Data files. This integration is as simple as allowing QuestionPro CX access into your Google Drive account.

Once you have selected the desired survey you want to download, the CX system will automatically export the responses in your Google Sheets in Drive.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.