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The SMS template module helps you to add a custom message for each SMS type that can be sent to members of your community. Under SMS templates you can choose to enable or disable each the SMS types depending on the ones that you want to send.

Go to: Communities >> Send >> Templates >> SMS Templates

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  • New Member SMS Verification Template:

    This SMS Template can be turned ON when you want to verify the member's mobile number on Sign Up. If it is ON, additional "Mobile Number" field is added to the Sign-Up form. The content of this text message can be customized, but it needs to include the replacement variable {OTP}, to be replaced with the 4-digit verification code; used to verify the mobile number.

    This message is sent every time a new member tries to sign up for your community. A text message with a verification code is sent to the mobile number provided by the member on sign up form. The member is registered to the Community only if the same code is entered when asked.

  • Welcome SMS Template:

    The Welcome SMS template is sent when the member has verified both; Mobile Number and Email Address. To send Welcome message enable this template and add your custom message to be sent to community members on verifying themselves.

  • Reward Rejection SMS Template:

    By enabling this SMS template, you can set the custom message for the SMS that will go out to the member when their Reward Redemption request is rejected.

    This is only applicable when the setting for manually approving the rewards request under Incentives module, is enabled. rejecting rewards will send the SMS to the community member notifying him/her about the reward rejection.

  • Birthday Wish SMS Template:

    Here you can send birthday wishes to the community members on their birthday. Birthday profile field is mandatory and needs to be updated by the member. The format of the date should be Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year. As a Community admin, you can also reward your members with points added to their account. This SMS will be sent in US/Pacific time zone.


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