Matrix Settings

Customize your matrix questions within your survey by accessing all the options available under the question settings. Matrix settings allow survey administrators to add the following options:

  • Answer type: Radio Button, Dropdown, Text Input, Checkbox and Slider
  • Matrix type: Likert and BiPolar
  • Row Display Order: Default, Random (with the option to apply a specific number of randomization to overall answer options) and Advanced Randomization
  • Answer Sorting:
    • Default: Answer options will be displayed in the same order as set by the user.
    • Ascending: Answer options will be sorted in ascending order alphabetically.
    • Descending: Answer options will be sorted in descending order alphabetically.
  • Note: Answer Sorting option is only available with Matrix Dropdown.
  • Alternate Colors: Make it easier for respondents to see each line of answer options
  • Advanced Options: Video and Question Tips

To change the matrix settings:

  • Matrix Question Template > Click on question settings.
  • Make changes to matrix settings and when finished, click "x" to close.
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How many columns and rows can I add in the Matrix question?

There is no such limit on number of columns and rows you wish to add in a matrix question, but considering the survey width and the look and feel of question, it is recommended to add upto 10 columns.

Why are my column headers repeating after certain rows in the question?

When you have more than 15 rows in the matrix question, the column headers get displayed again after 10th row. This is done on purpose so that even if users scroll down they would not get confused which column they are choosing the answer for.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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