How can Online Survey Software help me? What are its application and uses?

Understanding the purpose of your study is critical in asking the right questions. Below is a list of 20 of the most important studies that can be done to improve the quality of your organization. The focus is on understanding the employee, current customer, potential customers and past customers and learning how to improve.

What are some important studies you can conduct to gauge and improve the quality of your organization?

  • Customer Fulfillment Model: Are customers delighted with products and services?

  • Customer/Merchant Trust Model: Does the customer believe that we deliver what we promise?

  • Best Practices and Awards Model: Who does it best? What can we do better and who should we try to be like in each area?

  • Customer Feedback Model: Listen to what your customers have to say.

  • Lead Generation Model: Qualifying survey with a model that evaluates lead potential, what information do they need, what areas are of interest, how interested are they (5 star rating). Use customer feedback model for detail and refinement.

  • Sales Information Feedback Model: What information do they need to buy from site or from your business?

  • Product and Service Feedback Model: Evaluation, concept testing, advertising, customer service, satisfaction.

  • Customer Push Models: Expert decision maker feedback helps them decide or purchase.

  • Customer Lead/Customer Conversion/ Why Didn't You Buy Model: In retail, 80% of non purchases is due to wrong merchandise selection. did they buy what they planned... and if they bought elsewhere, why didn't they buy from you?

  • Employee Turnover and Burnout Model: Predicting your turnover and employee burnout rate.

  • Employee Work Climate Model: What is your work environment like as perceived by employees and compared to similar firms.

  • Employee Selection Model: How about matching job type with employee capabilities.

  • Waste Model: Employee feedback, suggestions, waste reduction insights.

  • Customer Satisfaction Model: Post purchase evaluation and improvement of products, services to identify service or product defects.

  • Future Customer Sales Center: I'm probably going to be buying at this time... help me out.

  • Unique Uses Contest: Identify unique uses for the product that adds additional sales.

  • Where Can I Reach You: Where should I advertise, e-mail, other contact information.

  • Comparative Brand/Company Analysis

  • Testimonial Service: I like the company/products because.
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