Utilizing the QuestionPro Survey Object(QPRO_Survey)

The QuestionPro Survey custom object is an exceptional case used to integrate survey data with Salesforce.com. This scenario is activated by using a custom object in Salesforce.com that includes the string 'QPRO_Survey' in the Object Name.
This strategy for integration is useful in situations where there is a preference to collect survey data in an object that is separate from the objects currently utilized in the Salesforce.com system. For example, rather than populating an existing case object in Salesforce.com with survey data, you may create a QuestionPro Survey object that links to other objects in Salesforce.com.
The QuestionPro system behaves differently for a QuestionPro Survey Object by creating a new instance of the QuestionPro Survey Object when posting to Salesforce.com, rather than populating an existing instance of an object in Salesforce.com. In other words, rather than looking up a case using the Salesforce.com Object ID, the QuestionPro system will create a new instance of a QuestionPro Survey Object and link that to an existing instance of another object in Salesforce.com through the required field Reference_ID.

Steps for Implementing the QuestionPro Survey Object

  1. Create a custom object named as follows:


    Steps for Developing a Custom Object:

    • Login to Salesforce.com and Goto Setup -> Build -> Custom Objects -> New Custom Object
      Survey Software Help Image
    • Enter the fields as follows:
      Survey Software Help Image

  2. This custom object must have the following required fields:

    Reference_ID (lookup relationship, gets populated by custom2)

    Choose the object that this survey object will have a lookup relationship:

    Survey Software Help Image

    Name the field as follows:

    Survey Software Help Image

    NOTE: Even if you do not plan on using the Reference_ID field as a lookup relationship to another object in Salesforce, you still need to add a dummy value to the URL for custom2. The Reference_ID field is also still required. It may be configured as a Data Type of Number in this case to prevent and referential integrity errors when populating the object.

    Response_ID (number)

    Survey Software Help Image

  3. Add any remaining fields that will be populated with survey data.
  4. The final step is Configuring the Salesforce.com integration in QuestionPro. Reference the help item below for more information.

License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Team Edition

Unlimited Surveys, Questions

Advanced Toolset and Features

No Long Term Commitment

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