How to use SurveySwipe

What is SurveySwipe?

App designed for communities, so that users can access the community.

How to set up SurveySwipe?

  • Create a community
  • Edit >> settings >> scroll down to SurveySwipe, enable it >> provide access code.

What is access code?

Access code is an authentication process which is required to register as a panel member.

How to download SurveySwipe on the device?

You may download SurveySwipe from Playstore and Appstore from the below links:

  • Playstore:
  • Appstore:

How to access the community in SurveySwipe after downloading it on the device?

After downloading the app, you will get two options:

  • Login
  • Create account
For both the options, you will need the access code which is provided by the community admin. New users will have to click on create account, and enter the details in the form.

Are all the notifications and updates recorded in real-time?


Does SurveySwipe work offline?

SurveySwipe does not work offline, you will need internet connection to access SurveySwipe.

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