Survey distribution history

Once you've sent out the survey via email, QuestionPro allows you to monitor the progress of each email under survey distribution history. This page will automatically update the information for each email which include no. of emails sent successfully and the no. of bounced emails.

This page also updates the status of survey - pending, viewed, started and completed.

How do I track my survey distribution history?

To track my survey distribution history:

  • Go to: Login » Surveys (select a survey) » Distribute » Email.
  • Click on sent tab.
  • You will see two sections - recent email delivery and survey disitribution history.
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Recent email delivery section shows information on email delivery ID (a unique ID associated with each email invitation), current status of your email invitation, subject, email count (total number of recipients) and timestamp.

Survey distribution history shows the following information:

  • Timestamp: Indicates the date and time at which the email was sent. You can click on timestamp to view invitation details. The following pop-up will appear:
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  • Email list: Indicates the name of email list to which you have sent the email.
  • Sent: Shows the number of emails sent.
  • Bounced: Shows the number of bounced emails.
  • Pending: Shows the number of respondents who have not clicked on survey link (start survey) yet.
  • Viewed: Shows the number of respondents who have viewed the survey email i.e. clicked on survey URL.
  • Started: Shows the number of respondents who have started responding to the survey questions but did not complete it.
  • Completed: Shows the number of respondents who have completed the survey. This also shows the participation rate.

    Participation rate: Shows the percentage of respondents who have participated in your survey. For example, you have sent the survey to 10 people and 5 have completed the survey. Then, participation rate is 50%.

  • Batch status: Indicates that the survey was delivered via email and delivery status - "sent" or "queued".
  • Send reminder: To send reminder emails to the survey participants, you can click on send reminder option. This option appears in the last column when you hover over any row under distribution history.

Note : If you have sent an anonymous survey link to the respondents, then the survey distribution history numbers won't update as system will not be able to detect or track the respondent's email address.

How do I view the information of each contact who have viewed or responded my survey?

The survey distribution history maintains the statistics of each contact to whom you have sent the survey via email. To view this:

  • Go to: Login » Surveys (select a survey) » Distribute » Email.
  • Click on sent tab.
  • Under survey distribution history, go to the column to view the information of individual contacts. For, example if you want to view the contacts to whom the survey has been sent, then click on the value under "sent" column.
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A pop-up will appear showing list of each contact who with current status.

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This feature is available with the following licenses:

Free, Professional, Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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