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Aug. 2006
Many businesses try to guess their customers. needs instead of simply asking them.

Aug. 2006 AppExchange early adopters -- QuestionPro

Aug. 2006
Ease of Use Means Big CRM Potential for Online Surveys

May 2006
B2B Magazine
A middle tier, which includes QuestionPro Survey Software comprises specialists in areas such as survey design or reporting.

Apr. 2006
1To1 Magazine
QuestionPro research shows that shorter surveys can increase response rates by as much as 50 percent.

Apr. 2006
Online surveys offer valuable and actionable information that can help you shape your business.

Oct. 2005
What we needed goes far beyond the basic free or light version of online survey services -- QuestionPro's sophisiticated features, including support for Conjoint Analysis, enabled us to create this highly specialized survey.

Oct. 2005
Quirks Marketing Research Review

Oct. 2005 offers tips on creating online surveys and provides a variety of free samples

Aug. 2005
Small Business Computing
QuestionPro offers a more robust and feature rich solution to the basic survey

Feb. 2005
Black Enterprise
The feedback gained from a survey is essential

Dec. 2004
Respondents were very explicit in identifying problem areas, like capturing business requirements

Nov. 2004
a one question survey can be used to determine customer satisfaction and loyalty

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