Current Strategic Partners

Socially Networked Sample. With Peanut Labs' respondent recruitment pool of 37 million consumers (and 100,000 more recruited monthly), Peanut Labs delivers exceptional reach across all demographics. Socially Networked Sample has moved far beyond Gen X and Gen Y. Peanut Labs can now offer a single source of sample for any standard demographic ages 13-65. Socially Networked Sample from Peanut Labs addresses your concerns and delivers, fresh, targeted, qualified individuals to participate in your research.

PeanutLabs has partnered with QuestionPro to provide seamless integration with your surveys.

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Powerfeedback has been providing comprehensive and full-service (qualitative and quantitative) market research services since 1993. Having nine Ph.D. level market researchers on staff, along with 4 programmers, clients have the confidence to know that their research projects will be successful. Being fully trained both QuestionPro and IdeaScale, clients avoid worrying about how to most efficently program their surveys, plus the proper formulation of the questionare for mamximum return on investment, as well as reporting the data in a manner which brings immediate attention and action to the results uncovered. Powerfeedback also offers an extensive array of consulting services (marketing, finance, human resources, public relations, crisis management, general business, sales and customer service training, etc.) to address any issues that the research uncovered.

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Bear Web Development is a 2-year-old firm based in Seattle that provides custom theme services for QuestionPro & IdeaScale. They can mirror your existing company web site, or do a custom design from scratch.

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BuddyTV, a division of Advanced Media Research Group, provides audience research to advertisers on television shows. They are highly experienced in providing in-depth detail on brand affinity, advertising recall, unaided and aided brand awareness, and ultimately advertising impact on puchasing decisions across a significant television watching population. Research resports are delivered in a timely manner to help agencies, advertisers, and networks make smart and informed advertising decisions.

BuddyTV has partnered with QuestionPro to provide the underlying technology to produce the reports. BuddyTV will also service QuestionPro clients with the means to do audience research on their TV marketing campaigns.

More information about BuddyTV (New Window) is the world's largest online community for business leaders to learn about the art and science of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The portal serves more than 300,000 newsletter subscribers and site visitors each month from 200 countries worldwide.

CRMGuru has partnered with QuestionPro to jointly develop web based CRM assessment tools

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Great Brook
  Great Brook Consulting focuses on managing clients' customer feedback processes to improve operational processes, develop customer loyalty programs, identify customers in need of service recovery, and improve service and product offerings.

Great Brook has partnered with QuestionPro to provide our clients with Survey Design Workshops, consulting on your questionnaire , survey project management, as well as full-service consulting on Conjoint Analysis studies.
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