Personality Facebook Surveys

Personality surveys come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they are about you. They are designed to ask questions that will help people learn more about your likes, dislikes and other qualities. The questions start out asking about qualities that are directly related to your personality. There are many personality Surveys on MySpace, LiveJournal, Piczo, Facebook, blogs. Most of them are of no use.

Every day QuestionPro draw a fresh set of random questions from the thousands of experiences on our site to create a fun/personality survey that's often hilarious, and always interesting. We'll use the results to make great recommendations to you about things to do and people to meet, and we'll also give you the code so you can easily repost the survey on your MySpace profile, or LiveJournal and Live Spaces blog. We work with most other social networks and blogs too.

Get yourself fresh, interesting material to make your profile irresistable, and start exploring your experiences. With QuestioPro you can check out popular surveys from the past, create your own survey, or see surveys others have made.

Social Networking Surveys

Social networks are online communities of people who typically share a common interest or activity. They provide a variety of ways for users to interact with each other . blogs, e-mail, instant messaging, and newsfeeds which contain information about, or valuable to those in your network.

Social networking tools are an unprecedented and highly beneficial tool for many parts of organizations, including human resources, marketing and customer service.

The most important benefits of social networking Surveys for businesses are meeting colleagues in a profession, and raising market awareness for the respondent and his/her expertise.

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