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Conjoint Analysis

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Conjoint Analysis is one of the most effective models in extracting consumer behavior into an empirical or quantitative measurement. It evaluates products/services in a way no other method can. Traditional ratings surveys and analysis do not have the ability to place the .importance. or .value. on the different attributes, a particular product or service is composed of. Conjoint Analysis guides the end user into extrapolating his or her preference to a quantitative measurement.

One of the most important strengths of Conjoint Analysis is the ability to develop market simulation models that can predict consumer behavior to product changes. With Conjoint Analysis, changes in markets or products can be incorporated into the simulation, to predict how consumers would react to changes.

What's inside

  • Conjoint Task Creation Wizard
  • Conjoint Design Parameters
  • Utility Calculation
  • Utility Calculation
  • Cross/Segmentation and Filtering