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Frequently Asked Questions
Does QuestionPro require any "exclusive" agreement?
No - If you are already using other tools - you can continue using it.
Can faculty also get access to QuestionPro with the Student Research Sponsorship?
Yes, if you are a Faculty of any University, write to us at to have your account setup with the Academic License.
I have a paid license with QuestionPro - can this be converted into a Student Research Sponsorship license?
Yes. Please contact us and we'll help you convert your license.
Do you offer the University licenses free of cost?
We do offer a free University Wide License. Write to us at with your details and we shall get in touch with you to have your University signed up.
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UNLIMITED responses
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"We have been utilizing Question Pro Surveys as a means to collect data for our department accreditation. The surveys are quick to put together and easy to execute. I am looking forward to learning more about the exciting new features."
- Arlisa G. Spaulding
MSBC Administrative Office Coordinator
" QuestionPro provides a user-friendly and stream-lined approach to survey creation. Its unique, multi-faceted feature set enhances our research in behavioral science by allowing our research team to collect richer data to analyze."
- Candice L. Odgers
Professor of Psychology & Social Behavior
"QuestionPro is an outstanding web-based and email survey system that uses an easy-to-use wizard interface. Its comprehensive survey tools and analytical tools make it an ideal choice for school, research, and scholarly projects."
- Kenneth S. Rhee
Associate Professor & Director