Enterprise Feedback Management

QuestionPro's Enterprise Edition is a one-stop solution for centralizing survey activities across your entire organization or workgroup. Every department can take advantage of a simple hosted user interface for conducting surveys.

  • Centralized Platform: Standardize surveying activities across your entire enterprise.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The QuestionPro user interface is designed for users of any technical expertise.
  • Collaboration Features: Actively collaborate with other survey administrators by sharing surveys and reports.

Market Research

QuestionPro offers a complete set of market research tools for conducting online research. Advanced features for developing surveys include branching, randomization, extraction, and compound branching to name a few. The integrated emailing system gives the researcher the ability to send mass invitations and track response rates. The integration of a global panel of survey repondents allows you to target the right audience of survey participants. Use the online analysis tools or export the data for analysis with SPSS.

  • Advanced Surveys : QuestionPro supports almost unlimited options for survey customization.
  • Global Survey Panel : International panel capabilities.
  • Advanced Analysis : Crosstabs, Segmentation, Conjoint, and TURF analysis.

Customer Satisfaction is recognized as a leading online provider of customer satisfaction surveying solutions. The QuestionPro customer satisfaction solution includes industry standard survey templates, a platform for hosting data collection, automatic notifications, and an advanced suite of analysis tools for analyzing customer satisfaction.

  • Automate Surveys : Gather data following every customer interaction.
  • Satisfaction Reports : Identify trends and establish a customer satisfaction index.
  • CRM Integration : Integration with CRM.