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360-Degree Feedback Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

A 360-degree feedback survey is the most insightful for organizations to establish their organizational health and culture. Traditional performance review processes are not as effective anymore. They help get an idea about the employee’s performance, but, do not paint a wholesome picture. With 360 reviews, an employee gets feedback from all stakeholders - colleagues, subordinates, managers, and even customers. This helps identify blind spots, improvement areas, and training needs better. It helps get wholesome feedback from all stakeholders and helps identify areas of improvement. The below 360-degree feedback survey template contains questions that you can run in your organization for any upcoming 360-degree review processes.

1. Considering your complete experience with the employee, how likely would you be to recommend him/her for a higher position in this organization?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
For Managers
For Subordinates
For Customers
Additionally, does the employee
Additional feedback