QuestionPro Panel Management - Recruitment

Panel Recruitment can be done in multiple ways. VerticalPanel™ supports the following modes of recruitment:

  • Email Marketing - Invitations To Join Panel
  • Panel Portal - (eg.
  • Banner Ad's / Search Engine Ads etc.

Email Campaigns
If you already have a list of email address, and would like to invite them to join your panel, the email campaign is the best way to go around doing this. The integrated Email Marketing tool allows you to create rich HTML Emails as invitations and marketing collateral.
  • Create Rich HTML Emails
  • Mail Merge Tags for Personalization
  • Embed Images/Multimedia
Panel Portal
The VerticalPanel™ embedding technology allows you to create and maintain your own marketing and panel pages (FAQ, Contact Us, How It Works etc.) while at the same time embedding the dynamic interface for Panel Registration, My Account screens into your current website.
  • Integrated Look and Feel with your website
  • Dynamic "My Account" and "Signup" pages
Double Opt-In Verification
The Double-Opt-In Verification virtually guarantees that you remain free from SPAM related issues. Users opting into your panel are automatically verified to make sure they have access to their email address and email invitations are not categorized as junk/spam.
  • SPAM Free Emailing - Best Practice Emailing
  • High email deliverability rate