QuestionPro Panel Management - Sampling Tools

VerticalPanel™ offers the following tools as part of the research sampling mechanism:

  • Segmentation Based On :
    • Previous Completed Surveys
    • Data-Segments based on any question of previous completed surveys
  • Split-Ballot Testing
  • Detailed Member Level View

Data Segmentation
Create/Segments of your panel based on any arbitrary criteria for any of your surveys that your panel members have taken in the past. This not only includes your demographic/signup surveys but also any other survey that your panel members have taken.
Split-Ballot Testing
Take your research initiatives to the next level with integrated Split-Ballot Testing (also known as A/B Split Testing.) The VerticalPanel™ random seeding solution allows you to create random N-Way splits of your panel for control testing solutions.
Member Level Administrative View
The detailed member-level administrative view allows you to find exactly what your panel members have responded on an individual level.