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Teaching vs. Administrative Experience
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Please let us know how important each of the following qualities of a superintendent are to you on the scale following each quality. 
Question Score
1 10
A leader who has experience in education as both a teacher and an administrator.  8
Average 8
Education leaders often have a mixture of teaching and administrative experience, between these two important areas of expertise which one do you believe is more important for the next superintendent here in Denver to have? 
Answer Count Percent
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
Teaching experience is more important 
6 21.43%
Both are equally important
19 67.86%
Administrative experience is more important
3 10.71%
Total 28 100%
How much do you agree with the following statement: It is impossible for someone to be a great school district superintendent if they have not had deep experience in the classroom as a teacher prior to beginning an administrative career.
Answer Count Percent
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
Strongly Agree 13 46.43%
Agree 7 25%
Disagree 3 10.71%
Strongly Disagree  5 17.86%
Total 28 100%
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