Last Mile Program

FREE Offline Survey capabilities for Nonprofits!

The Last Mile Challenge

Thousands of nonprofits around the world face the same challenge everyday; collecting, organizing, and receiving information from their field staff who work in remote locations with limited connectivity.

At the same time, even in developing nations, basic internet services are increasingly available even in small towns. However, access is limited to a few slow, wired, connection points. This is the "Last Mile Challenge", access to the internet, but not everywhere you need it.

Bridging The Last Mile

QuestionPro is the leader in "offline" mobile surveys and field data collection. Our iPad and Android app, SurveyPocket, makes it easy to conduct surveys offline, then sync data back to your account when you are online.

Results are then instantly available to staff anywhere in the world. Collect standard survey data as well as photos, signatures, and GPS data, all without an internet connection!

Free for all Nonprofits!

The QuestionPro Last Mile Program includes the following capabilities for free to eligible nonprofit organizations:

  • Full user licenses that cover up to 10 field workers / devices
  • Easy to use survey creation tool and unlimited data collection
  • Built in analysis, sharing, and presentation tools

Feature Case Study: Rasin Foundation Haiti Download

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