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Employee 360 Review
It’s time to start treating your employees like you treat your customers.
Employee 360 Review

What are employee 360 reviews? If you're a manager or work in human resources, you'll be conducting employee evaluations. Gathering multiple perspectives is key to obtaining the bigger picture. Asking an employee's subordinates, peers, management and having them perform a self-evaluation is key to conducting employee 360 reviews.

Employee 360 reviews happen when an employee receives confidential feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, and other invested party. 360 employee feedback process extends beyond the traditional top-down review process where an employee would only receive feedback from his/her direct superior. By expanding the range of feedback, an employee will receive a more comprehensive and consistent view their strengths. Learn more at QuestionPro Workforce.

Here are the benefits of Employee 360 Review

Automate Survey Delivery. Assessment can be delivered automatically to each individual sale representative’s email as a link that could be accessed as many time as necessary. The survey auto-saved their progress, allowing users to fill out the survey over multiple sessions, which reduces survey fatigue and allows for greater fidelity.

Set multiple levels of feedback. Using QuestionPro Workforce, businesses are able to solicit both supervisor feedback and self-assessment feedback off the same survey using the 360 feedback tool. Multiple levels of feedback allow for a more comprehensive and thorough assessment of an individual’s skill.

Track Completion Rate. The 360 survey can be kept open for a period of time, during which an admin user could track the status of each individual. This made it easy for the admin to identify whose data was missing from the exercise.

Automated reminders. QuestionPro Workforce automatically sends reminders, which helped achieve a high completion rate.

Create an Automated Report. QuestionPro Workforce automatically generates reports that not only details each question’s scoring, but also pulls out the five highest and five lowest scoring areas. This identifies each sales representatives’ strengths and weaknesses at a glance. This can also later be easily uploaded into each individual’s Salesforce account.

Read More about 360 Employee Feedback from the QuestionPro blog.

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