Maryland State Bar Association YOUNG LAWYER SECTION SURVEY
Exit Survey
This survey was created by the Young Lawyer Section's Strategic Planning Committee ("SPC"). The SPC hopes to obtain information that will assist the YLS in better understanding the demographics of its members. The more responses that the SPC receives, the more information the YLS will have to better serve its members. To that end, the SPC is randomly offering gift cards for fine dining and shopping to members that complete the survey. To qualify for the prize, you will have to include your full name and email. This information will only be used to contact you if you are one of the ten randomly selected members for the prize. The survey results are confidential.
Name/Contact information
Where did you attend law school?
University of Baltimore School of Law
University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law
A law school in Washington, D.C.
How long after admission to the Maryland Bar did you begin full-time employment as a lawyer including as a Judicial Law Clerk?
Did not seek full-time employment as a lawyer
Unable to secure full-time employment as a lawyer
Had a job offer before admission
0-3 months
4-6 months
7-9 months
10-12 months
More than one year
Did you take a position as a Judicial Law Clerk after graduating from law school?
Yes, a Circuit Court 1 year term as a Judicial Law Clerk
Yes, a Circuit Court 2 year term as a Judicial Law Clerk
Yes, a Court of Special Appeals 1 year term as a Judicial Law Clerk
Yes, a Court of Special Appeals 2 year term as a Judicial Law Clerk
Yes, a Court of Appeals 1 year term as a Judicial Law Clerk
Yes, a Court of Appeals 2 year term as a Judicial Law Clerk
Yes, I had multiple terms as a Judicial Law Clerk
If you graduated from law school with student loan debt, how much loan debt did you have when you graduated (the total of college and law school)?
Did not graduate with student loan debt
Less than $10,000
$125,001 +
If you graduated from law school with law school loan debt, how much loan debt did you have when you graduated (only law school student loans)?
Did not graduate with student loan debt
Less than $10,000
$125,001 +
How old were you when you completed your law degree?
25 or younger
51 or older
What is your current age?

23 and Under
How many years have you been out of law school?
Less than 1 year
1-2 years
3-5 years
6-9 years
Longer than 9 years
What practice setting do you currently work in?
Solo practice
Government/Public Sector
In-House Counsel
Solo in Shared Office
2-5 Lawyers in Firm
6-10 Lawyers in Firm
11-20 Lawyers in Firm
21-35 Lawyers in Firm
36-50 Lawyers in Firm
51-99 Lawyers in Firm
100+ Lawyers in Firm
Voluntary not practicing
Unemployed (please comment on circumstances surrounding current unemployment).
If you are currently employed full time, what is your salary range?
Less than $30,000
over $140,000
How challenging have the following job-related issues been for you as a new/young lawyer?
Not Challenging Somewhat unchallenging Neutral Somewhat challenging Highly challenging N/A
Understanding substantive law
Understanding legal procedures and practical application of law
Obtaining appropriate mentoring
Applying legal ethics to practice
Understanding employer’s expectations
Receiving challenging work
Billable hour requirements
Balancing family/personal life with career
Business development
If you have voluntarily switched employers during your tenure as a lawyer, please select all the reasons that led you to changing positions.
Opportunity for Advancement
Firm Reputation
Firm Size
Practice Area
Work Schedule
Work Environment
Work Challenge/Responsibility
Intrinsic Reward of Work
Move From Temporary Position or Clerkship
Geographic Location
Work/Life Balance
I have not switched my employers

Have you taken a pro bono case or volunteered for a public service (law related) activity in the last year?
Yes, through what organization (if applicable):
I have a mentor I can call if I need advice:
Strongly Agree
Do not Agree or Disagree
Strongly Disagree
The Young Lawyer Section ("YLS") is an automatic, free membership (for the first year) for all MSBA members under 38 or within five years from their first admission to a state bar association, whichever comes later. When you first became a member of the Maryland State Bar Association ("MSBA"), were you aware of your automatic membership in the YLS?
Given the current YLS membership criteria (see above), are you pleased with the name "Young Lawyers Section?"
Yes, I like the name Young Lawyers Section
I would prefer the name New Lawyers Section
I would prefer the name New and Young Lawyers Section
I would prefer a different name. Please comment to provide a suggestion
How do you think the YLS should define its membership?
By years since admission to the bar (e.g., within eight years)
By age (e.g. under 38)
By years since admission AND by age (current)
Other. Please explain.
What should the YLS membership age criteria be?
Until the year an attorney reaches 38 years of age (current)
Something younger than 38
Something older than 38
If you selected option 2 or 3, please provide an age cutoff
If the YLS membership criteria were solely defined by a "years from admission" component, what should it be?
Within 5 years of admission to the bar (current)
Something above 5 years
Something less than 5 years
Other (please specify)
The YLS has identified three focus areas: Please rank the importance of these topics to you.
Most Important Somewhat Important Neutral Not Important
Public Service/Pro Bono serving the public while provided opportunities for new/young lawyers to build skills
Transition to Practice - low cost CLEs and social networking events for new/young lawyers
New Lawyer Representation/Advocacy - Statewide and national representation for new/young lawyer's issues.
What is your current level of activity with the YLS?
Highly involved (leadership role or participate at least on a monthly basis)
Somewhat involved (periodically attend YLS even have participated on a committee, or stay information about YLS activities)
Not involved
If you participated in any of the YLS Programs, how satisfied were you?
Highly Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Highly N/A
Annual Charity Event
Public Service Opportunity
CLE Program sponsored by YLS Education Comm.
YLS Diversity event
YLS Social event
In the next year, would you be likely to do the following (select all that apply):
Yes No
Subscribe to a YLS committee list serve
Serve on a committee
Apply to chair a YLS committee
Run for the YLS Board of Governors ("BOG")
Join a one-time task force, plan a YLS event, or discus YLS policy
Read The Advocate, the YLS online publication
Attend a YLS social/networking event
Attend a CLE
Judge a mock trial annual competition
Contact your YLS BOG Rep or Advocate for young lawyer issues
Attend MSBA Young Lawyer Section meetings
Attend a volunteer/community service based project
What factors would most motivate your participation in YLS activities?
Social connection with other new/young lawyers
Opportunities to lead or resume-building opportunities
Entry into other MSBA related services, group activities
Service to the public
Legal education aimed at transition to practice
Professional Networking
Other: Please Specify

What factors are most prohibitive to you participating in YLS activities?
I don't hear about them
I don't have time
They are not planned in my geographic location
I feel like an outsider/It is hard to find an entry point
I'm involved in local county young lawyer activities
I'm more interested in other MSBA sections or committees
I don't find the topics/activities relevant
I'm not just interested in the MSBA

How could the website be of more value to you?
How often do you visit the YLS website located at:
At least once a week
At least once a month
Every few months
Once per year
What is your current use of Facebook and other online social media and would you follow the YLS through these avenues (select all that apply)?
I don't use Facebook or other social media
I use Facebook but I would not join MSBA page
I use Facebook and I would join MSBA page
I use social media other than Facebook (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and would follow the MSBA
I use social media other than Facebook (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) but would not follow the MSBA

How often do you read the Advocate? (the YLS official publication distributed electronically to all the members who register an e-mail address with the MSBA.)
Every issue
I was not made aware of such publication
Which of the following columns in The Advocate would you likely read?
Likely Unlikely N/A
YLS President's Column
Editor's Column
The Gavel (ethics blog)
Practice tips for young/new lawyers
Recap of recent YLS events
Law student Column
Articles on pro bono/public service opportunities
Articles about substantive areas of practice
Bar News articles of interest to young lawyers
How can the YLS improve its current program and services?
What types of CLE programs would you like to see the YLS offer?
Would you be willing to take a case for a lower rate to assist clients unable to pay the full fee for an attorney?
What is your family status?
Married or partnered
What is your gender
Do you openly identify as a sexual minority, to include the following: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender?
Do you have a disability?
Do you have children?
I have one child
I have two or three children
I have four or more children
What is your Ethnicity/Race?
American Indian/Native American/Alaskan Native
Black/African decent
Pacific Islander
Other: Please Specify
What geographic region do you reside in?
Baltimore City
Baltimore County
Montgomery County
Prince George's County
Anne Arundel County
Howard County
Harford County
Western Maryland (Carroll, Frederick, Garrett, Allegany, Washington)
Southern Maryland (Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's)
Upper Eastern Shore (Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's, Caroline)
Lower Eastern Shore (Talbot, Dorchester, Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset)
Washington, DC
Besides the current YLS programs listed above, what types of programs, publications, services, and benefits would you like to see from the YLS in the future?