Compassionate Happiness Inventory (CHI) for front-line professionals in healthcare and social services
Exit Survey
Our research tells us that professionals working in healthcare and social services who balance the technical aspects of their work with a focus on compassion and caring are happier in their work, more resilient, more satisfied, have less risk of burnout, and achieve better outcomes for their patients/clients.

But our modern healthcare and social service workplaces don't always foster and encourage this kind of compassionate caring. Many professionals tell us they no longer have time to care, given the overwhelming focus on tasks, production and efficiency.

In our efforts to re-humanize healthcare and social services, we wanted to develop a measure of the positive attributes of a working life, rather than focus on the negative aspects that lead to burnout.

This quick and simple survey has 10 questions about personal sources of happiness, and 10 questions about your workplace culture. It's intended for professionals who have direct patient/client contact, not those in managerial roles.
Jointly sponsored by Compassionate Louisville and Hearts in Healthcare
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