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Hi, I thought you would never come, but so glad you did.

We spent hours making this site, and think it is pretty cool, but who cares, right? What are your thoughts?

This will be short and painless (heard that one before, haven't you?!)
* Is this your first time to our site?
* Why are you here?
Planning a trip to Palm Springs, for sure:
Dreaming of a trip to Palm Springs one day:
My Boss told me to find the best place in Palm Springs for her:
I'm in the business and I steal my best ideas from the Parker:
* So, what's the verdict, are you going to book?
* The Site
I love your site
I hate your site
Eh, don't care one way, or the other
Now tell us what you really think, please...
Want us to get back to you? Have a Million Dollar group you want to book? Just give us your email address, we'll do the rest.
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