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DC Trans Coalition Petition to Defend our Rights

The DC Office of Human Rights (OHR) is threatening to rewrite part of the Human Rights Act that are crucial to preventing discrimination and abuse against the trans community:

  • They want to give the Department of Corrections a free pass to discriminate against us and undermine our demands to make DC jails less abusive to the trans community;
  • They want to take away the rule that says single-person bathrooms should say “restroom” — and available to everyone;

We need everybody’s support to help fight back against these changes! EVERYBODY can present their opinions, reasons, and comments about these proposed changes.

TAKE ACTION by filling out the petition below and telling the OHR why you think these changes should NOT be made.

We will deliver your comments to the OHR before the August 11, 2008 deadline, and your comments will become a matter of public record.

Sign our petition below TODAY, and send this to your friends!

To learn more about what the Office of Human Rights is proposing, visit

I agree that the following regulations above SHOULD NOT be approved:
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Email Address
Enter your comments and/or testimony about the OHR's FIRST proposed change, listed below, here:
OHR's proposal: Nothing in this chapter shall require an agency of the District of Columbia to classify, house, or provide access to gender-specific facilities to transgender individuals according to their gender identity or expression if the transgender individual is incarcerated, institutionalized, or otherwise within the District’s custody. A district agency may make reasonable inquiry to determine whether an individual in custody is transgender. (proposed as 801.3, after 801.2)
OHR's proposal: Classification and assignment for transgender individuals within District government custody shall be based on, among other things, the safety and security of the transgender individual, the needs of the facility, and the safety and security of the other individual in the facility to which the transgender person is assigned. (proposed as 801.4)
Enter your comments and/or testimony about the SECOND proposed change, to REMOVE bathroom access as defined below, here:
Rule OHR is proposing to remove: All entities covered under the Act with single-occupancy restroom facilities shall use gender-neutral signage for those facilities (for example, by replacing signs that indicate “Men” and “Women” with signs that say “Restroom”.
I would be willing to attend the OHR Public Hearing and provide testimony against the OHR's proposals on one or both of these two issues.
I want to get more involved with the DC Trans Coalition. Please contact me with information about how I can get involved.
Please contact if you have any questions regarding this survey.
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