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This survey is about managers, management, leaders and leadership.

It should take you between 10 and 30 minutes to fill, depending on the depth of your input. The questions or sub-questions marked with a red asterix (*) are mandatory; the others are not mandatory but your input would be greatly appreciated.

The results and a report will be published on my blog.

Thank you for participating!
* Which of the following statements apply to your situation? (Select all that apply)
I am in charge of an organization or unit and I have final accountability.
I have delegation of authority and decision-making responsibility.
I supervise staff who directly report to me.
I oversee the work of employees who do not formally or directly report to me.
None of the statements above apply to me.

* How many employees do you directly supervise? (type "0" if none)
* What is your classification level relative to the Executive Group (EX) scale?
EX minus 1
EX minus 2
EX minus 3
EX minus 4
EX minus 5
EX minus 6
EX minus 7
EX minus 8
EX minus 9
EX minus 10
I don't know
Not applicable
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