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I created this confidential survey so I could find ways to better serve you through my website, Successful Homeschooling. Your answers will only be used for that purpose. As a thank you, I am giving away $50 in free Usborne books to one survey participant! Your completed survey enters you into this giveaway. I will notify the winner on May 18, 2009. - Carletta
How long have you been homeschooling?
0 - 3 years
4 - 6 years
7 - 9 years
10 or more years

How many children do you have?
6 or more
How old are your children? (You may choose more than one category.)
0 - 4
5 - 8
9 - 12
13 - 16
17 and above

What is the most challenging aspect of homeschooling?
What is your greatest struggle or fear?
What aspect of homeschooling would you like to learn more about?
What types of products and/or information have you had difficulty finding?
How did you hear about Successful Homeschooling?
What would you like Successful Homeschooling to do more (or less) of?
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