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How often have you?
1st visit/Never used 1 - 5 Times More than 5
Visited the Fusion website
Made use of Fusion services
What was the purpose of your visit/s to the Fusion website?
How likely are you to:
Very Likely   Somewhat Likely  Somewhat Unlikely  Not At All Likely
Return to the Fusion Website?
Recommend Fusion Web site?
Make use of the Services Fusion provides?
Which Fusion services are you likely to use in the future (tick all appropriate services)
Small Business Server
Remote Access
Managed Services
Security Management
Disaster Recovery
Backup support
Remote Support
Network Support
Wireless Nework Support
Broadband Support
Computer repair
Virus/Spyware removal
New/upgrade hardware
New/upgrade software
Web design

What changes or additional features would you suggest for this website, or additional services you would like Fusion to provide?
Please tell us about your situation?
Business User Company Location
Business User Home Office
Multiple PC Network
Single-Standalone PC/s
Home User

How many PC's are on your network?
2 to 5
5 to 10
10 to 20
More than 20
How did you first hear about Fusion and their website?
Search engine
Another web site
Newspaper/magazine article
Friend or business associate
Don't know/don't remember
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Finally could you please add your contact information?
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