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The SGSC Campus Police Department is responsible for protecting the SGSC Campus Community, detecting crime, regulating traffic, enforcing parking regulations, and dealing with a variety of problems.

In most instances, we believe SCSC Police Officers, Security Officers, and Video technicians work in partnership with students, staff, faculty, and visitors and that our contacts with most are postitive; however, we rarely hear encouraging words about the efforts provided by our team.

We appreciate you for taking the time to recognize that this job is often a thankless one. Please complete and submit this form if you wish to praise a member if the SGSC Police Department.

What was the date of contact with the employee?
Employee name if known (Select all that apply)?
Qunion Arnold, Security Officer
Anthony Davis, Police Officer
Rodney Davision, Video Technician
Oscar Kirkland, Video Technician
Amy Lee, Police Officer
Tyler Mizell, Police Officer
Kalani Patterson, Security Officer
Randy Ryles, Police Officer
Mickey Spain, Police Officer
Sonja McCulloch, Chief of Police

Employee assignment if known?
Video Tech
Student Work Study
Your contact with the officer was regarding which of the following?
Response to your call
Traffic stop/accident
Report made at Campus Police Dept.
General Patrol
Report lost property/Claim property
Provide assistance (unlock, jumpstart, etc.)
Parking concerns

If other was an answer in the previous question, please specify.
What would you like to commend about the employee's performance?
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