Exit Survey
Personality and Well-Being


Tusculum College students taking PSYC 101 (Essentials of Psychology) and PSYC 102 (Psychology of Adjustment) are being asked to complete this set of measures of personality and factors that affect your well-being. A reasonable estimate of the time it will take to complete this questionnaire is 30-45 minutes. Please be sure that you have enough time set aside to conscientiously complete the questionnaire before you begin.

Although your participation is for class credit and the foreseeable risks are minimal, you are free to withdraw at any point. If you choose to withdraw, please inform your instructor as soon as possible so that a substitute assignment (usually a brief APA-style paper or essay) can be arranged.

Some of the questionnaire items are time-referenced. Please note the time-referenced instructions above some of the items. It is very important for us to learn how you are, not how you would like to be or the 'you' that you project to others. Please make an effort to respond to all of the items. Surveys with large numbers of missing responses may not receive full participation credit. Your student ID number is used only for the purpose of tracking your participation. Your responses to this questionnaire will be STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and data from this research will be reported only in form of group statistics.

If you have questions at any time about the survey or the procedures, you may contact Dr. Brian Pope at 423-636-7300 (ext. 5135) or by email at bpope@tusculum.edu.

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