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BY THE AMERICAN CITIZENS "["We The People"]" of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; of, POWERS VESTED IN "["THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA"]" GRANTED IN "["ARTICLE I : THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION"]"- American Will creating "["The House of Representatives"]"-do hereby state and attest to striking the word "["RESERVED"]"; from, all Monetary Congressional Recordings from the Year 1990 through the Year 2014; that, specifically changed "["The Government National Mortgage Association"]" (GNMA into "["FHA"]"Federal Housing Administration" and "["HUD"]" "Federal Housing and Urban Development"; allowing, (GNMA) to obtain direct access to "["The United States of America Treasury Department"]"; for, INVESTOR MONETARY GAIN directly from "["The United States of America Treasury Department"]".  

EVIDENCES to accompany this "Legal Matter" are; "["Volume 60 Federal Register Page 42012 stating at Column Two Second Paragraph - With respect to the streamlining changes the publication of a final rule without previous solicitation to the Public [C]omment is justified...unnecessary and would be contrary to the [P]ublic [I]nterest- August 14, 1995."]" and "["Volume 60 Federal Register Page 42018 stating at Column Two {2.} Part 310 Participants [:] Bylaws of the Association..removed-August 14, 1995."]".  

"["Statement"]" is: The Bylaws being removed prevent the People of America from acting through The States of The United States of America bringing Forth this Petition; as, noticed after the Change took place; and Striking the Illegal Act(s) of Representatives that allow INVESTORS TO UTILIZE THE UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT FOR PERSONAL GAIN; using, the word "["RESERVED"]" to change Federal Statute by ACT unknowingly to Public or American Legal Citizens; to define our "["PUBLIC TRUST"]" OR AMERICAN WILL; which is, Acceptance or Rejection; of, Enactment; of, "["A Law "]".  We request the REINVESTMENT OF OUR MONETARY GAIN LOST; cast by the illegal ACT; in, United States of America Currency.  In the Event INVESTORS are unable to produce the Monetary Value taken; The United States of America will reimburse itself with Noted Transactions available to American Citizens to remain on Record as owing of the INVESTORS UNTIL PAID IN FULL; and; the complete End of the Policy; allowing, the illegal ACT.

 It had not changed until Now.
"["In Consumer/Advocate Client"]" (r. 2010, c. 2011; IA.)
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