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Adult Sibling Relationship Questionnaire Instructions and Basic Information This questionnaire is concerned with your relationship with one of your siblings. Each question asks you to rate how much different behaviors and feelings occur in your relationship. Try and answer each question as quickly and accurately as you can. Try and answer the questions as your relationship is now, not how it was in the past, nor how you think it might be in the future. In the remainder of the questionnaire, whenever you see THIS SIBLING or YOUR SIBLING we are talking about the specific sibling you are completing the study about. We begin by asking you some general questions about your sibling and yourself. Please check, or fill in the correct response.

I am undertaking a research project into adult relationships from the perspective of two siblings. I would be really grateful if you would complete the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire, I would be grateful if you would forward this questionnaire link to your sibling (if you have more than one sibling, please send it to the sibling closest in age to you).I can confirm that all data will be collected anonymously. You will see from the first page of the questionnaire, there is a question asking for your mother’s maiden name – this is purely so that sibling dyads can be identified. In every other respect, the information collected will be anonymous. Once the data is input and analysed, all questionnaires will be securely destroyed

What is your mother’s maiden name? (If your sibling is a half-sibling, please indicate BOTH your and your sibling's mothers' maiden names. Please note that this information is for administrative purposes only)

Any questions You can contact (008618857928023 on whatsapp)
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