Exit Survey
The EPP-eHealth Project Suppliers Questionnaire
The EPP-eHealth project (http://innovationithospitals.com/) is funded by the European Commission. The aim of project is to transform the market for eHealth solutions through dialogue and innovation procurement. The project will make progress towards this aim by creating a network of procuring organisations that understand the opportunities that eHealth can offer and have competence in innovation procurement, and the capacity to pioneer new approaches to collaborative procurement. As well as stimulating demand for eHealth goods and services, and creating ground for practical procurement (public procurement of innovation – PPI, and pre-commercial procurement – PCP) outcomes within the period of the project, it will also serve as a leading procurers' group for the wider population of some 15,000 hospitals in Europe.
The purpose of this survey is to understand ICT suppliers' point of view regarding e-health development in various European countries, and to assess the potential of ICT solutions for meeting needs of the health care sector. Since in public sector this can happen through public procurement, the survey also includes questions concerning this area.
Data obtained through this survey will be aggregated and used for the next stage of the EPP eHealth project which is the development of a Joint Statement of Unmet Needs. The results will be presented to the European Commission with the view of developing European e-health / innovative procurement policies that will serve all the stakeholders best.
Completing this survey should take 10-15 minutes.
Thank you for your time and contribution.