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* Tourism activity is not indispensable in the life of each person, you may lack many things but could not travel once in a lifetime, is the main tourist action help you relieve psychological pressure best everyday life is full of pressure. Close the map and take a trip to Vietnam, you just need to apply Vietnam visa for us citizens at the border and at the arrival airport online.

1. Mekong Delta is part of the Mekong River Delta Koong, also known as the southern delta or western South. It is divided into several tributaries, canals, islands, large and small islands, where extremely suitable for the type of ecotourism, to experience and explore. When we arrived here, you can visit a vast orchard, is a walk on on 1 of 9 tributaries flowing into the sea, listening to traditional music and enjoy the specialties of the posts by Southwest. Guests can hardly ignore typical floating markets here.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels is a defense system in the ground in Cu Chi District, the land was named the piece "land of steel", Ho Chi Minh City and 70 kilometers to the west - north. This is a unique architectural work behind in the ground, there are many stories, many nooks and crannies, such as spider webs on the 200 km long, is the accommodation, meetings and struggle of our army and people that day.

3. Ho Hoan Kiem located in the heart of the city, Hoan Kiem Lake was born from the legendary King Le Thai To pay for Turtle god golden sword in the 15th century Sword Lake is one of Vietnam's major scenic spots, in addition to taking over Hoan Kiem Lake you can visit Huc bridge, and Ngoc Son temple tower pen. You can enjoy the Trang Tien Street Trang Tien ice cream cool, or visit the old town in Vietnam only.