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Hello, DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design Team Member,

You have begun the process of signing the DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design BASIC SAFETY Policy.

All policies are subject to change without notice but when changes are made to specific policies, DJ Jer will email and request that an updated version be signed.

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* Safety is paramount to the health and well-being of our staff, clients, and community. DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design holds safety as a top priority and expects all employees to embrace this culture.


DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design empowers employees to take steps to feel safe while at work. While there are forms to report incidents and room for improvement post-event, during a shift if you feel you or others are being placed in an unsafe situation, please talk to your onsite manager. If you still feel the situation has not improved, please excuse yourself and follow the Emergency Chain of Command.


• While moving, building, and striking events, music must be played at a level in which all employees can clearly verbally communicate.

• Seatbelts must be worn by all DJ JER EVENTS AND LIGHTING DESIGN staff members when driving/riding in a vehicle to and from an event of any kind.

• Horseplay is strictly prohibited.

• Performer stretches and warm-ups are required by all entertainers prior to the performance and must be enforced by the event lead.

• No one shall knowingly be permitted or required to work while their ability or alertness is so impaired by fatigue, illness, or other causes that they might unnecessarily expose the employee or others to injury.

• Loose or frayed clothing, long hair, dangling ties, finger rings, necklaces, and other potentially hazardous items may not be worn while setting up, tearing down, or operating equipment where they become entangled.

• Lifting – If you do not feel comfortable lifting an item, ask for help.

• Rigging of any type requires training and authorization. If you believe that something that we are working on / installing is potentially unsafe, it is mandatory that you notify a supervisor immediately.

• Tying in or the manipulating of power requires training and authorization


Violations for unsafe behavior may result in disciplinary action and/or termination.
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