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  Testing Reservation Form - OAS Testing Center

Please submit this Testing Reservation Form to reserve a testing room at the Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS) Testing Center for an OAS-registered student in your course who is in need of testing accommodations. Students are responsible for notifying the professor and/or AccessAbility Services of the need for testing accommodations preferably at least one week prior to an upcoming quiz/exam.

Please only submit this form if you have either:
A) Confirmed with the student that testing accommodations are needed for an upcoming quiz/exam.
B) Received a notification from the OAS indicating accommodations for an upcoming quiz/exam are needed.

Please submit the Testing Reservation Form and the exam to the OAS as soon as possible once you have received notification that testing accommodations are needed. The testing room reservation will not be confirmed until the Testing Reservation Form is submitted. Please note that adequate time is needed in order for OAS staff to confirm the testing arrangements with the student.

Please notify the OAS if an exam is rescheduled. It is OAS protocol that students take the quiz/exam on the same date and time as the rest of the class, unless a student's academic schedule does not permit the full use of allotted extended time, the exam time is outside OAS office hours, or if the instructor approves an alternate date or time.

Please submit one Testing Reservation Form per student. Students are not permitted to submit the Testing Reservation Form.
Please note that the OAS is able to proctor exams only during office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.
* Student:
* Instructor:
* Instructor contact information during exam (phone/email/location):
* Course number & section:
Exam date(s):
Exam time:
Amount of time allotted for other students in the class:
Additional information:
Exam Scheduling
The student may take the exam(s) at an alternate time on the day of the exam.
The student may take exam(s) on an alternate day within 1 week of the original exam date. 
The student must take exam(s) at the same time and date as the rest of the class.
Please mark the exam requirements:
This is a timed exam; the time allotment is NOT flexible (beyond the student's accommodations)
SCANTRON is needed
Blue book is needed
Blackboard exam
Exam needs to be printed in color

Please mark the materials the student is permitted to access during the exam:
Electronic materials on Blackboard
Scientific/graphing/TI calculator
Non-scientific, regular calculator
Student-made "cheat sheet" (specify details below)
Student must hand in "cheat sheet"

* Please mark how the exam will be delivered to the OAS.
Instructor will email the exam to the OAS at: AccessAbility@easternct.edu
Instructor will hand deliver the exam to the OAS (please do not send exams through inter-office mail)
Exam is online
Instructor will designate the following faculty or staff member to deliver the exam to the OAS:
* Please note that after test delivery to the specified location, the OAS is not responsible for tests misplaced or lost. The OAS encourages instructors to pick up completed exams from the OAS.

Please note that exams do not fit under the doors of Eastern Hall.
The Instructor will pick up the completed exam at the OAS.
The OAS will deliver the exam to the Instructor's mailbox (please specify location below).
The OAS will deliver the exam to the Instructor's office. If the office door is closed, I grant the OAS permission to slide the exam under the office door (please specify location below).
The OAS will scan and email the exam to the Instructor's email address (please specify email address below).
Exam is online.
* Please specify location for exam delivery, including the building name and office number. If the professor is picking up the exam at the OAS, please write, "PPU." If the exam is being emailed to the professor, please specify the designated email address. If the exam is online, please write, "Online."
Thank you for completing the Testing Reservation Form. Please be sure to click the "Done" button, below. You will be redirected to the OAS website. 

The OAS will contact the OAS-registered student directly to confirm the exam arrangements. Please contact the OAS at (860) 465-0189 if you have any questions. Thank you.
OAS Testing Reservation Form (for faculty members)