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About the survey

This survey has been designed by trans people to help improve trans services for adults. This includes trans people as well as parents, carers, and partners of trans people.

We understand everyone has a different experience of gender and we would like all these different experiences to be included. Our use of "trans" is inclusive of all people whose gender differs from that they were assigned at birth, including trans women and men, non-binary, agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, demi-boy, demi-girl or any identity which falls outside the male/female binary. 
What we will ask  
We ask about wellbeing, experiences of services, and demographic data. This information will be used to evaluate our current trans services, help us better understand your needs, and ensure that our services are inclusive and accessible to all trans people. There will be four sections to the survey:
  1. What trans services you use
  2. Your experience of trans services
  3. About you
  4. Feedback on the survey
Your data 
All responses will be anonymous to protect your privacy. Your IP address may be collected while the survey is active to protect against multiple malicious entries. Anonymous data will be shared across the partner agencies of Trans Learning Partnership ( Some findings may be described to our funders to ensure we can continue providing services. We may also use findings in future reports or academic papers. Data will be stored confidentially according to GDPR regulations. More information on these can be found here:

Taking the survey 
  • Your participation is completely voluntary.
  • Please do not add any identifying information such as your name or phone number.
  • This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Any questions not marked 'required' can be skipped if you prefer not to answer.
  • You can choose to stop the survey at any time – if you do not complete it, we will not record your answers.
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This survey has been given ethical approval (code: CBT040321NVRP) in accordance with LGBT Foundation's Research Ethics and Integrity Policy.
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